Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saudi Drivers in Bahrain

I'm considering this post related to the GCC Financial Sector because Bahrain is a financial center.

I'm allowed to do that because this is my blog.

Anyways, a good shopkeeper should have something unique - a bit of flashy merchandise - to catch the eye of potential customers to get them into his shop.

So here goes.

Gulf News in Dubai recently ran a report quoting an official at the Saudi Embassy in Bahrain that on average 20 Saudi nationals are cited each day by Bahraini police for traffic law violations.  The article goes on to imply that traffic law enforcement in the Kingdom of Bahrain is very strict. Link here.

But, as someone who has driven in Bahrain, two things in the article just don't square with my own experience:

  1. 20 a day seems awfully low based on what I've seen driving around in Bahrain.   On more than one occasion I've seen a car with Saudi license plates commit 4 or 5 traffic violations within the space of just five minutes.  And, no, it wasn't the weekend.
  2. It would also be helpful if the article stated when strict traffic law enforcement started as that would be a significant milestone worthy of recording and celebrating.
As one who has been boxed in by double and sometimes triple parkers of a certain nationality, I must confess though that the term "incorrect parking" belatedly lightens the predicament.

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